We offer a simple drinks menu at our store focused on organic coffee.  Enjoy fresh roasted coffees from around the world brewed to your specifcation – pour-overs (with filters), Bodum pour-overs (without filters), AeroPress, French press, espresso – to enjoy the true taste of the bean.

You may also suck down an ultra-smooth Cold Brew.

We prepare organic house-made Chai Masala, organic house-made Hot Chocolate (like, we make the actual chocolate mix!), AND make our own creamy oatmilk.

And of course you may order a latte, even a cappuccino…but don’t push your luck.



2 tablespoon coffee scoop with Chemex and Moka

Scoop the perfect amount of coffee each time with the hand-crafted 2-tablespoon scoops from Key West’s Elegantly Eclectic!

Prices vary




Organic Cotton Tote Bags with Lime Green Trim
100% Organic Cotton Tote Bag. Large, and light.
Coffee Tumblers
Beautiful  Azure Blue & Lime Green Coffee Tumblers
Gift and Corporate Boxes
Gift and Corporate Boxes available. Contact us for prices




80925 Overseas Highway (Oceanside).  Open 7am – 3 pm Thursday – Monday