$4.5 – 6.5

Pour Overs

Chemex  AeroPress Cold Brew FrenchPress


Hot Cocoa

Mochas Lattes  Cappuccino

$4.5 – $6.5

Hot / Iced Cascara Tea

House made Cascara Soda


House made Masala Chai

Oat Milk

Coconut Milk

Half & Half





        We offer a simple drinks menu at our store focused on organic coffee .  Enjoy fresh roasted coffees from around the world brewed to your specification – pour-overs (with filters), Chemex pour-overs (without filters), AeroPress, French press, espresso – to enjoy the true taste of the bean.

You may also suck down an ultra-smooth Cold Brew.

We prepare organic house-made masala chai, organic house-made hot cocoa  (we make the cocoa mix) as well as make our own creamy oat milk.

Lattes, Cappuccinos and  rich Mochas are also available.



Cafe con Leche candle
Coffee Candles are an aromatic joy! Made for us by Little Torch Candle Company.












Hot Chocolate
Organic Hot Chocolate Mix – vegan, dairy free, soy free, gluten free.  Add liquid and sweetener.
Send caffeinated coffee mail from Islamorada Coffee Roasters


Wake up your hands with locally made coffee soap with espresso grounds!