$4.5 – 6.5

Pour Overs, Chemex,  AeroPress, French Press, Cold Brews


Cappuccinos, Lattes, Hot Cocoa, Mocha, Masala Chai

$4.5 – $6.5

Hot or Iced Cascara Tea  Cascara Soda (cascara = dried coffee cherry skins)




Oat Milk,  Coconut Milk, Half & Half



        We offer a simple drinks menu at our store focused on 100% Arabica organic coffee.  Enjoy fresh roasted coffees from around the world brewed to your specification – pour-overs (with filters), Chemex-type pour-overs (without filters), AeroPress, French press, espresso – to enjoy the true taste of the bean.  We do not offer flavors such as Caramel, Hazelnut etc.

Order an ultra-smooth Cold Brew, house-made masala chai, or a house-made hot cocoa  (we make our cocoa mix) prepared hot, cold or in a mocha.


(Menu items are subject to change) (Non-GMO/Organic)


Key Lime Macaroons

Coffee Brownies

Cinnamon Streusel Cake


Hot Oatmeal



Guava Cheese Scones and Streusel Cake


It's always coffee time!
That’s right! It’s always coffee time at Islamorada Coffee Roasters. 
Our Coffee Candles are handcrafted just for us by Little Torch Candle Company .  Made with soy wax and fresh roasted coffee beans. Reuse that glass jar for projects around your home.